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  • Start date: September 23, 2023 17:08
  • End date: September 23, 2023 22:00
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  • Current bid : €85.00
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  • Published: September 19, 2023 16:29
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Artist: Jessica Hardarson
Technique: Digital art
Art: Printed as a poster in format 70x50cm

Which game inspired you and why?

When I read the text about the competition I felt inspired by the words themselves, especially in regards to wishes for a better future. This made me think of a game that portrays quite a dreary future, the post-apocalyptic landscape in Fallout. I wanted to make a piece inspired by this game where I included both past and future, focusing on both hope for the future and the cost of war juxtaposed with childish innocence. Thus this image was born, set in a distant future where a past nuclear wasteland has now been reclaimed by nature, and people. But remnants of the past can still be found in some places. In this piece, we see a girl paying a visit to such a location. Here we find a powered exoskeleton (of course, inspired by the iconic Fallout power armours) and the old bones belonging to soldiers from a distant past (inspired by the myriad of skeletons that tell a story that can be found in various Fallout games). But at least these people have not been forgotten by the current inhabitants of this land.

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  • The auction currency is listed in the currency Euro.
  • Once the auction closes, the auction winner will receive an email with payment instructions (Paypal or invoice).
  • During the exhibition, the art is inserted in a black frame for display. This frame is not included in the auction price.
  • The art can be picked up at the event by the auction winner when the auction is over. It will be inserted in a tube (if remote auction winner, the art will be shipped accordingly).
  • The proceedings from the online art auction will be donated to the WIG organisation for supporting women in the gaming industry.